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I have always loved people. Like, "wander away from your parents to talk to random strangers at the grocery store as a child," kinda love for people. You know those kids that have to be on a leash? That was totally me. (Thanks mom + dad) I suppose the public humiliation only made me stronger, because now I quite literally make friends with strangers for a living. I document their love stories, dance with them on the happiest days of their lives, & love every freaking moment of it in the process!

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Hannah is truly one of the most spunky, upbeat, organized and caring people you will ever meet, with amazing talent behind the camera! From the moment I reached out to her regarding our wedding, I knew we were a match made in heaven. Our worlds collided and it was like fate had brought her in to my life. I don't even have the words to describe how much Hannah meant to us, besides that she helped to make our day a dream come true!

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-Hannah owens

Hannah is not just a wedding photographer. She invests her heart and soul into the industry and dedicates herself to each couple. (I'd like to say it was just to my husband and I, but I know that's not the truth because she cares so deeply about every love story!) Our images are amazing and my entire COUNTY continuously tells me that they belong in a magazine and my photographer was amazing! Honestly, there isn't a single thing that I can say I would have liked to be done differently. Pretty cliche to say, but I feel BLESSED. (That's right, ALL caps!) 

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-tierra bodamer

Hannah is the sweetest, kindest, most genuine human on the planet. She’s not in it for the business; she’s in it for the humans. I love every single photo, I loved the experience, and I’m SO sad it’s over. I tell every single person that is planning a wedding, “invest in your photos and your photographer,” because let’s face it, it is an investment! Wedding days are a blur and at the end of the day when your feet are tired and your dress is itchy, all you have left is your photos! 

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-tessa card

Hannah was fantastic and wonderful to work with. When we were looking for photographers for our wedding, a friend gave the advice that you should make sure it is someone you want to spend the best day of your life with...and Hannah is your girl! She is fun to be around, lightens up the stress of such a big day and has a ton of talent! I would hire Hannah 100 times over again. Definitely recommend! 10 OUT OF 10! 

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-marissa bunce

From a stranger, to friend, to member of our tribe. Hannah Bryerton is the best of the best, and I’m not solely talking about professionally. (That goes without saying!) Go look at her work and try not to lose hours of your day staring at beautiful images of complete strangers. This is how our journey together started. For all future brides: if you are not crazy obsessed with everything about your wedding photographer, you are doing something WRONG, and you need to go find yourself a Hannah. She is by far our favorite decision we made about our wedding!

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-morgan walsh

I know that we 100% made the right choice with Hannah. She captured things about our day that no other photographer ever could! Making the investment of having an excellent wedding photographer is the best thing you can do. She made the whole entire experience stress-free and fun, and she takes pride in what she does and it shows! I'm also pretty convinced my family and friends now love Hannah more than they love me. (HAHA! Just kidding! But she really is amazing!) 

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-Sarah liuzzo

Like most introverts - the thought of having hundreds of photos taken of not only myself, but of my husband and I together, did make me pretty anxious! BUT. Hannah is so personable and friendly, that not even ten minutes into our engagement session we felt so comfortable and relaxed. It felt like we had known her forever! She directs you and hypes you up, all while talking, laughing, and holding dog treats to get your pup to smile for the camera, too!

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-miranda frederoski

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