I'm just going to come right out and say it: I freakin' LOVE details. As a photographer, intricate details make my heart swell, and as an organized, Type-A human being, "logistics" is practically my middle name! I believe that the sentimental, intentionally-planned details are what set amazing weddings apart from average ones, and I love being the voice of reason to help brides navigate this incredible season of planning, while also taking some pretty pictures along the way! 

First, let's talk about

the details

I would describe my style as organic and documentary, with a mix of fine art.  In layman's terms: I love allowing certain moments to take place naturally, but will never turn down an opportunity to style the perfect shot, either! My couples tend to be joyful, genuine, & stupidly in love. I value the lifelong friendships this career brings me more than I can articulate; my clients truly are some of my favorite people in the world! 

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Hannah Bryerton Couples are overwhelmingly joyful, kindhearted and (stupidly) in love. They desire a genuine friendship with their wedding photographer in order to feel comfortable being photographed, and long for someone they can trust whole-heartedly to make their wedding photography dreams come to life!  Sound like you?! Then we should definitely chat about officially making you part of the HBP fam!

Wedding Collections Begin at $3400

Let's Chat About Your day!

Hannah bryerton wedding

What's it like to be a Hannah Bryerton Bride?

 I bet you're wondering...

Honestly? I think it's pretty dang fun. I mean, I've never been one or anything, but if I had the chance... I'd probably join the club myself! (You know, if that was possible...) I don't want to sway you into thinking this title is right for you if it truly isn't. Hannah Bryerton Brides are an elite group of amazing women, so below, I'm going over the step-by-step process of what you can expect if you become one! My hope is that you can read through this information and envision yourself as part of our family. 

1. You inquire about booking.

You have your ring, you've decided on a wedding date, and you've locked in your perfect venue! Being a Hannah Bryerton Bride sounds like a dream come true, so you're ready to move forward on working together. The first step is to fill out the client inquiry form! This will get catch ME up to speed on all your planning, plus give me allllll the details about you and your future husband! I want to know everything about your love story and the amazing day you're dreaming up, so please don't skip ANY details!

2. I send you all the details, back!

I read all about how amazing you two are, looked over your wedding plan details and am still available for your date! From here, I respond with my client experience information, wedding package breakdown, FAQ's, and a personal response to ANY questions you may have had in your initial inquiry! If we both determine we'd make a great fit for each other... we move forward with the booking process! (Pro Tip: in order to have the BEST wedding images possible, you should resonate with your photographer's shooting and editing style, personality and overall client experience! Don't stop searching until you find someone who meets ALL of those criteria!)  

3. Proposal. Contract. Invoice.

We've determined which package is right for you! Next comes the official wedding photography proposal, followed by your signed contract and invoice! A retainer fee (1/3 of your total invoice) is due upon signing the contract in order to lock in your wedding date on my calendar! Thankfully, all of this can easily be done online through the client portal. Once these steps are completed, you are officially part of the #HannahBryertonFamily! (Welcome to the party, it's so good to have you!) 

4. Let the planning begin!

We hit the ground running with planning and, in true Hannah fashion, I share all the information your heart could desire! Hannah Bryerton Brides receive helpful little tips, vendor recommendations, and fun little surprises along the way! We will begin planning for your engagement session almost immediately after you sign your contract. The sooner I can get y'all in front of my camera, THE BETTER! I can't wait to see what magic we create in our first session together!

5. Your engagement session

Arguably one of my FAVORITE parts of the entire wedding planning process. This is our chance to get to know one another, learn some poses, create inside jokes and just have some FUN in front of the camera!! I will walk you through choosing a location, coordinating outfits, how to look and feel natural while being photographed together, and everything in between! Don't stress one bit... you're going to love it! You can expect your images to be edited and ready for viewing within 2-3 weeks after your session.

6. Final planning meeting

After filling out a few photography-related questionnaires, we will schedule a video or in-person meeting (depending on your location) to discuss all the details together! I will create a photography timeline specific to your wedding day's logistics, and we will spend 30 minutes to an hour walking through it together. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions, review important information, and discuss any last minute reminders! 

7. It's your WEDDING day!!!

It's here! It's here! The best day ever!!! Envision the feeling of Christmas morning as a child... but on steroids. I can't wait to document every moment of this incredible day! There is absolutely no need to stress over photography, because we've been preparing and planning for this for months! I've got it all covered, sister. Your only job is to soak in every single moment and simply enjoy the day! I will be your voice of reason, game-time decision maker, and number one hype woman.  We will laugh together, cry all the happy tears, and hopefully wrap up the night dancing together to some Taylor Swift at the reception!! 

8. Wedding Wednesday 

The Wednesday following your wedding, you will receive a full-day recap on the Hannah Bryerton Blog! I refer to this day as "Wedding Wednesday" and it's a fan favorite for EVERY Hannah Bryerton Bride. You and your wedding guests get to relive the highlights from the weekend and cry alllllll the tears again! I share the link to the blog on social media, so feel free to change your profile picture AND last name at the same time! (I get giddy just thinking about you two scrolling through your wedding blog post while sipping fruity drinks poolside on your honeymoon!) 

9. Final delivery & happily ever after

This is the part where we all live happily ever after! (Because once you're part of the Hannah Bryerton Family, you're pretty much stuck with me forever!) I always tell my couples they can expect the FULL wedding gallery to be delivered in 6-8 weeks! These will be delivered as quickly as possible via online gallery, so there's no waiting around eagerly for the mail man to arrive! You can share your gallery link with family, friends, and guests, then relive this day over and over again. Print those beauties out and hang them on the walls of your home, this love story deserves to be celebrated every single day! 

I told you it was fun! 

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engagements & couples

Engagement/couples collections include a 1.5 hour session at the location of your choice, 2-3 outfits and an online gallery of 60+ edited images for viewing, downloading, sharing, & ordering prints.

Family portrait collections include a one hour session at the location of your choice, 1-2 outfits and an online gallery of 40+ edited images for viewing, downloading, sharing & ordering prints.

Sessions Available for $400

Sessions available for $600

families & children

portrait session

Maternity collections include a one hour session at the location of your choice, 1-2 outfits and an online gallery of 40+ edited images for viewing, downloading, sharing & ordering prints.

Sessions available for $400


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Mini sessions are held throughout the calendar year at various locations chosen by the photographer. The mini session calendar is released each spring and bookings are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Dates will be released on the blog, Facebook and Instagram, but the very first to find out will be those on the mini session email list! 

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