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I'm Hannah B, wedding & portrait photographer based in New York State. I'm a lover of intricate details and story telling- both visually & through writing. Here you will find glimpses of my life as a photographer, wife, mama, dog-lover & Chick fil-A obsessed creative!

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September 21, 2018

Buffalo Engagement Session- Kevin & Marissa

I met up with Kevin & Marissa in Buffalo over Labor Day Weekend while they were traveling home from Iowa visiting family and friends! We spent their engagement session adventuring all over the city; from the Buffalo History & Art Museums, to canal side, to wrapping up with dinner at Pearl Street Brewery! I feel like we got the full Buffalo experience in a matter of hours!

These two make me laugh so freaking hard. I love their sense of humor and ability to be 100% themselves around not only each other, but perfect strangers. I even brought my best friend, Afton, along for the trip and we both couldn’t stop talking about how awesome they are! And to think these two spent so much of their precious time home with taking pictures and grabbing dinner with us!

Below I’m about to do a full play-by-play of our time together. This is the first I’ve ever done this in a blog, but I was feeling pretty extra this Friday morning and just couldn’t help myself. I hope you enjoy the adventures that are to follow…

^Literally, this was one of the first images we took, right after they got done telling me how horrible they are at having their picture taken. From this point on, I knew they were lying sacks of garbage that couldn’t be trusted.
I mean, so far they make having engagements done look pretty seamless, am I right?
Did I mention it was super hot the day we met up? We left one location and drove to the next. Kevin and Marissa lead the way and graciously gave Afton and I the first parking spot we found. I attempted to parallel park, which was an experience in itself. (Sorry for risking your life, Afton) We get out of my car, only to realize Kevin and Marissa had parked 777 blocks away and hoofed it the entire way back. I was very confused by their tactics and soon realized they weren’t liars after all, just really really kind & humble people.

(Note the towel Kevin is carrying to wipe away sweat, yet how happy they look amidst walking so far. I, then, felt terrible for letting them hand over the parking spot. I should’ve been the one walking 500 miles back to this location, and then walking 500 more.)


Back in the car & over to our next stop we went! We ventured into the hot mess of Buffaloians “enjoying” Labor Day celebrations on canal side (you know, if hanging out with 3,000 strangers is your idea of fun) Kevin & Marissa plotted their revenge by making Afton and I join them on a walk out to the harbor for our final round of pictures. Little did they know, I love walks and the challenge of making an incredibly crowded area look desolate and uninhabited. And based on the following pictures, I’d have to say: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Seriously, there were people sitting there enjoying the sunset from five feet away the entire time. We were dodging photo bombers left and right. 2018-09-21_0021.jpg
Dancing on copious amounts of sharp rocks next to a lake… always a good idea.


Like I said… I like these people. A lot. We proceeded to laugh endlessly at dinner, where I dragged my entire camera bag into the restaurant for fear that my car would be broken into while we ate. I was “that” person with a rolling Pelican case, weaving in and out of tables at Pearl Street. We said our final goodbyes on the street corner, and then Afton and I proceeded to somehow spill an entire bag of M&M’s into the console of my car before leaving. (It was a shareable size, too) I was forced to throw the partially melted candies out our window onto the street and Kevin and Marissa TURNED AROUND to make sure everything was ok. They thought were were throwing up out the door of our car. Nope, just casually cleaning chocolate out of my console. These people are the best of the best humans, I’m telling you.

  1. Connie Dunn says:

    Amazingly beautiful. These are absolutely stunning and they do take great pictures. Guess it makes a difference as to who is taking the pictures.

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