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I'm Hannah B, wedding & portrait photographer based in New York State. I'm a lover of intricate details and story telling- both visually & through writing. Here you will find glimpses of my life as a photographer, wife, mama, dog-lover & Chick fil-A obsessed creative!

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November 23, 2018

The Hannah Bryerton 2018 Christmas Gift Buying Guide

I am probably a little too excited to be writing this blog post. I started compiling my list of “go-to” gifts for this Christmas back in October (at the same time I began my Christmas shopping!) and it has been growing ever since! Last year, this blog post went over SO well and all the positive feedback from all my friends & followers made my heart swell with joy. If I can make even ONE person’s life easier when shopping or creating their Christmas list… then my job here is done. 

So without further ado, here is my 2018 Christmas Gift Guide! These are my go-to products, favorite finds of the year, and crowd-pleasing gift options for ANY woman you adore. (& I’ve even linked a lot of the items to locations you can buy them as well! You’re welcome!) If you’re not familiar with TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Amazon & Zulily, you’re about to be educated, friend.

Alpaca Socks

HAHAHA. I am so glad I chose this picture and to start the gift guide off with a bang. But seriously, these socks you guys. Guess who got me hooked on them? My BROTHER-IN-LAWS! Corey & Jordan bought me alpaca socks for Christmas a few years ago, and I’ve been begging for them for more every season since. They are hands down my favorite gift! If you’re local to my area, they sell them at a little stand in the Chautauqua Mall. Support a local small business and be sure to get yourself a pair, too! 




Christmas Gift Guide- Enso Ring

Enso or Qalo Silicone Rings

If you’re like me, you stress about wearing your nice jewelry to not-so-nice places. (Ummm hello? We fixed up an entire house this year. This was no place for white gold and diamonds.) I purchased three Enso bands (blush pink, white, & grey) and wear two of them at a time. I switch up the colors depending on my mood. But they’re great for going on vacation & leaving nice jewelry at home, a day out on the lake, or working around the house. I also hear they’re great for hiking and rock climbing and camping and stuff. (I mean… if you’re into that kind of thing) 




Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Lip Color: Seductress

Ohhhhh baby. This stuff lasts SO long and is the perfect tone. I used to wear other colors and brands of lipstick, but now this is pretty much the only thing I wear, day in and day out. I can eat multiple meals and it always stays on. It’s transfer proof and best of all… AFFORDABLE. I will never spend $24 on one tube of lipstick again. 





Monogram Baseball Cap

Admittedly, I haven’t updated all my monograms yet and I’m still rocking my HNS ball caps. But my favorite place to buy these is from TheTurnipSeed Etsy shop. So many colors, the perfect “interlocking” monogram font. Great customer service & relatively quick shipping. Order ASAP to get it in time for Christmas!!!



Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven with Element IQ

This item seems totally off the wall and a little unconventional for this gift guide, but let me tell you, it’s the exact opposite of that. This is the easy bake oven of adulthood, my friends. Not only can you reheat food, bake a small pizza or whip up amazing toasted subs… it makes the PERFECT slices of toast. How, you ask? You just punch in the number of slices of bread you have, add the level of toasty-ness you prefer, and hit the start button. (It even has a bagel setting that only toasts one side of the bread. How amazing is that?) 

And you know that neverending battle of your toast not being fully done? Where you go to toast it one more time, only to walk away and inevitably burn your breakfast to a crisp? THIS IS AN ISSUE NO LONGER. If you decide your toast needs to be a little more golden brown, you simply hit a button that says “a bit more” and… BOOM! It toasts it another 30 seconds. Perfect toast, every single time.

But… if you enjoy using a toaster where the bread slides down into slots, then forces you to play the adult version of the game “Operation” with a fork, just to retrieve your breakfast… that’s fine. But go ahead and unfriend me in life because those appliances are absolutely terrible and you have no idea what true joy you’re missing out on. 



Venley Football Jersey Shirts

I contemplated not putting this item on here, because it just might be my best kept secret to date. Then I realized that true joy is best when shared with others. SO… here is my secret people: I buy these jersey shirts on Zulily every.single.time they come up for sale. I probably have ten of them. They’re so comfy and pair perfectly with jeans or leggings. And if you’re really feeling diehard, you can get them personalized/monogrammed, too. (I have all my stuff done at TripleE Manufacturing in Sherman!) Be on the lookout for these going on sale at Zulily, because if you buy them anywhere else you’ll pay upwards of $30 for them! If you want them monogrammed, tack on another $20 or $30 on top of that!! 

The typical price I pay on sale is $10-15 from Zulily! (Then $10ish dollars to be monogrammed locally)… and they are worth every single penny!



RCMA No-Color Powder MakeUp

Thank you, Jaclyn Hill, for introducing me to another best-kept secret. This no-color powder seals in your makeup and makes it last all freaking day. The best part? It is SUCH a great value in comparison to other powders you can buy from beauty stores like Ulta or Sephora. You HAVE to purchase it from the site I have linked, because I haven’t found it in stores yet. I bought mine a year ago and have hardly made a dent in the bottle. It’s amazing. 




Justin Riding Boots 

You can buy them online, but I prefer you support local business and get your booty down to my family’s store, Neckers Company, in Clymer NY, to buy these beauties. 😉 I just invested in my second pair (because Justin SO conveniently discontinued this style) But have no fear, we still have some in stock! If you have troubles finding durable, authentic leather riding boots… look no further. These things are beautifullllll

Disclaimer: the shaft of these boots is pretty thin! So they work great for girls with tiny calves. (Aka, me, the lady with the chicken legs and zero muscle definition. Hey, what’s up, hello?)



Cynthia Rowley Cozy Pants

Coming in on my list for the second year in a row. TJ Maxx & Marshalls are STILL carrying these things and they are guaranteed to change your life. Smooth like butter and perfect for Netflix binging after a long day. I added them again this year for all y’all who neglected my strong suggestion to buy a pair and have yet to do so. I am serious… RUN. DON’T WALK.




Calvin Klein Women’s Underwear

I’m sorry, but what is Christmas morning without underwear? Honestly, the Calvin Klein male models have known what they’re doing for decades because I discovered these over the summer at…(wait for it)… TJ MAXX, and have been picking up pairs every time I am in there since. These are the perfect stocking stuffer and she will love you forever. Just do it. 



Kate Spade Tumbler Cups

Inspired by my beautiful 2018 bride and lover of all things Kate Spade, Tessa Rehe. She got these cups for all her bridesmaids and I was instantly jealous and wondering why I was asked to photograph the wedding and not be in it?? Amazon has so many adorable patterns and you can also find them on the shelves at TJ’s and Marshalls quite frequently. 



Graphic Tees With Fun Sayings

I went through a phase in high school where I wore graphic tees all the time. Then I dropped off the wagon for a few years. Now I’m back on, riding shotgun in the front seat and controlling the radio. 

They have them on Zulily all the time with hilarious sayings and phrases. We ALSO just got some in at my parents store that are adorable too. (Another plug for Neckers Company; sorry not sorry!)

My personal favorites that I just purchased are: “Everything hurts and I’m dying” tank top. I wear it every Sunday after I shoot a wedding because it way too accurately describes my mood.  And another tee shirt that says: “I just hope both teams have fun.” It represents my disdain for professional sports (particularly the NFL) and how much I truly do not care which team wins…. Ever. 

Other favorites I’ve seen are:  “Target is my happy place” or “I can’t be trusted at Target” (Although I totes wish they made one for TJ Maxx, too. That would be the greatest.) “This girl runs on Jesus + Chick-fil-A” and “Y’all Need Jesus” are two others I’m tempted to buy every time I see them! I love pairing these shirts with denim shorts in the summer and big cozy sweaters and leggings in the winter! 



Hearth & Hand by Joanna Gaines at Target

Last year it was cable knit everything. (Which is also still a go-to for me) But nowwwww… I’m obsessed with all things galvanized metal and anything made by my dear sweet Joanna. If the person you’re buying for doesn’t like something out of this aisle at Target, just go ahead and send it to me. I will be overjoyed when it shows up at my door. (Literally had to tear myself away from this aisle last week when they put out all the Hearth & Hand Christmas decor. Self-control is at an all-time low when I pass through there.) 



Lucky Brand Jeans

Another classic TJ Maxx find. I bought my first pair this year and I wear them 5X as much as any other pair of jeans I own. You can also find them at Lucky Brand Outlet stores (There is one in Grove City!) Or you can pay full price for them on Amazon or the Lucky Brand website. That’s your call, I guess!! Regardless, they are the best. 



Gold Bar Necklace 

My sister-in-law bought me one last year for Christmas with the coordinates to where Jesse and I met the first time. I wear it every single day. These babies are super popular right now and it’s because they’re practical and adorable and match everything. I loved mine so much, that I turned around and bought them all for my bridesmaids as wedding gifts. I personalized each of them with the coordinates where our friendships began and every time I see one of them wearing it, it’s still the sweetest reminder of our journey together.



Michael Kors Faux Fur Trim-Hooded Puffer Coat

This is the most basic white girl coat you will ever encounter, and I am proud to say I love it more than any other winter purchase I’ve made. It’s long and covers my hiney and thighs. (No more cold leather seats in the car or wind chilling me to my core!) It’s filled with down and it keeps me SO warm. Like even warmer than my snowboarding jacket I used to wear when it was subarctic temperatures…

Someone actually approached me in Moe’s the other day and asked where I purchased my coat. I was so excited to tell them. I bought mine at Park Avenue Coat Company in the Walden Galleria Mall for a STEAL…. BUT if you’re looking for a great deal…they’re also running a special at Macy’s for Black Friday!! Seriously worth every single penny. I love my coat so much!




Smallwoods Signs 

They have SO many cute sayings and always run discounts and promos on various signs. I received one as a wedding gift and want to buy every single one on their site. Super reasonable and so adorable. They have something everyone will love! 



Joanna Gaines Magnolia Table Cook Book

Need I say more? Joanna is my spirit animal. She’s the goddess of home decor, and if that isn’t quite enough… she also slays at baking and cooking, too. Thank you to my sweet friends, Katie & Andrea, for buying me this cookbook. Now that we are finally in our house, I cannot WAIT to try out every single recipe!

Another go-to by her that I’m putting on MY list for this year… “Homebody: A Guide To Creating Spaces You’ll Never Want to Leave” 



It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product 

If you’re anything like me, you struggle with static electricity during the dry, winter months. Having my hair stick to my neck and face has the ability to make me go from 0-100 in about 3.2 seconds. I cannot STAND that feeling and it’s so beyond frustrating, it’s not even funny. 

I have searched the world for a product that helps me tame that static. This stuff is life-changing. It has helped SO tremendously that I cannot go a day in the winter without it. Just apply to damp hair after you wash it and proceed to blow dry/style. It doesn’t completely eliminate it on the extra dry days, but it really helps! (And surely beats the heck out of spraying yourself with Static Guard all over the place!) 



TJ Maxx/Marshalls/HomeGoods (OR Chick-fil-A) Gift Cards

Give the gift of true joy this season and hook your girl up with the ability to choose her next favorite find. Nothing says love quite like a trip to the trifecta (or chicken nuggets and lemonade.) Ok, maybe don’t get a Chick-fil-A gift card. Maybe I’m the only human who loves that place a little too much… But the trifecta of TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or HomeGoods. That is a guaranteed winner in every woman’s book! 




Thank you, thank you, thank you for scrolling along with this year’s gift guide! I hope your season is extra merry & super bright, full of love & time spent with all your favorite people. Merriest of all Christmases from my home, to yours! <3 

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