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I'm Hannah B, wedding & portrait photographer based in New York State. I'm a lover of intricate details and story telling- both visually & through writing. Here you will find glimpses of my life as a photographer, wife, mama, dog-lover & Chick fil-A obsessed creative!

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November 25, 2019

The 2019 Hannah Bryerton Christmas Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for the most popular blog post of the year! When I started doing the Christmas gift guide in 2017, I had absolutely NO idea it would be such a hit! While I firmly believe that y’all are absolutely crazy for taking my advice (as if I’m some sort of gift expert or makeup guru), the people have spoken: y’all truly love when I write this blog. hahaha! So without further ado, here are my favorite finds of 2019!

Most of them are for the women in your life, but honestly, some could double as really fun gifts for just about anyone! If you’re a serious online shopper, you might just stumble upon an item and think, “Wow, you know who would love this gift? Me.” ….and that’s ok, too! 😉 I’m all about that #treatyoself lifestyle.

JSYK: Almost every item on this list is linked to a webpage where you can purchase the exact, or similar, gift! Simply click the image or bold title of any gift! Just trying to spread joy and make your holiday shopping THAT much easier; you’re welcome!

BEFORE YOU START YOUR SHOPPING- You need to sign up for Ratuken!

My friends introduced me to this website JUST in time for Christmas shopping!! You can earn cashback on TONS of your purchases online. Simply follow this link, sign up through Facebook or by creating an account, and start shopping the stores they have listed to earn cashback. They literally send you a check in the mail with your rebates, just for using their website to shop. If you hate free money, then skip this step!

1. Gold Disc Necklace | Made By Mary

This is officially my favorite gift of 2019, so we are starting off the blog with a bang! As much as I’d love to take credit for this find, I really can’t. My sweet friend, Jessica Husted, bought me one that says “be still” for my birthday over the summer, and I have worn it EVERY day since. It’s the sweetest reminder every time I look in the mirror and see it.

These can be customized to fit just about every personality or person on your list. They have endless styles and options. I just LOVE these cuties.

2. Cognac Leather Band | AppleWatch

I am a serious fan of Apple products and as a wedding photographer, the Apple Watch was life-changing for me this season! (Thank you to my husband, Jesse, for buying one of these for me because he KNEW I’d never buy one for myself!) I have the Series 3 and it works just fine for me, but they did just released the Series 5. So if you’re into having the latest and greatest technology, opt for the newest version. 🙂 These can be purchased at JUST about anywhere, but I’d suggest looking on Black Friday or Cyber Monday for a killer deal online!

The cognac leather watchband I purchased separately has earned me countless compliments, and it was literally $15 on Amazon. (I love the way it dresses up a smartwatch so I look a little bit less like a SpyKid while working at formal events)

3. Burberry Perfume | HER

I stumble upon approximately 25 new perfumes every year. Thanks to 2019 Hannah Bryerton Bride, Carly Fox, I found my new favorite perfume. This stuff is to DIE for.

4. Old Navy Rockstar Elastic Waist Jeggings

ALRIGHT, HEAR ME OUT. I know you read “Elastic Waist Jeans” and immediately envisioned some 90’s Osh Kosh, scrunched waistband pants. But these are about to change your life. Do you ever wear shirts or sweaters and HATE the fact that the button of your jeans shows a bump THROUGH the shirt when it lays flat? It’s seriously one of my biggest bet peeves.

Well, friends, this is an issue no more. Old Navy has changed the game by creating jeans with a legging waistband. And they come in about 20 different styles. When I was making this guide, I may or may not have purchased five more because they were all 50% off that day. (Don’t judge me, they’re just that good) Thanks to my friends Leanna + Amanda, I am downright obsessed with these.

I’ve got 99 problems, but uncomfortable jeans ain’t one.

5. Yeti 32 oz Tumbler

Promised myself I’d never been a Yeti person. Here I am, being a Yeti person.

I love ice water and truly believe there is nothing more refreshing than waking up in the middle of the night, parched beyond belief, and chugging freezing cold water. This baby keeps iced water cold for up to 24 hours. It’s perfect for my extremely hot wedding days, laying out by the pool, or keeping hot drinks warm, too…. if you’re into that kind of thing.

Are these pricey? Yup.

Do I think they’re worth it? Yup.

6. Amaryllis Sweaters | Zulily

Being a perpetually cold human makes me a BIG sweater person. I troll Zulily for the cutest sweaters and Amaryllis has been one of my go-to brands this year.

7. Portable Bluetooth Speaker | Amazon

I bought this exact speaker on a whim during Cyber Monday sales one year and it has proven to be a really great purchase. Granted, I own Bose headphones and appreciate amazing sound quality, but I wanted something I could take to the beach, get sand all over, and not really care too much about. This little speaker has traveled the country (and world!) with us. We take it on our boat, to the pool, and I’ve even brought it along to sessions with me! I paid a whopping $25 for it from Amazon and it has been worth every single penny!

Nothing bad has happened to it yet, but if it ever does, I have peace of mind knowing that it didn’t cost me $200!

8. Cluster Stone Earrings | JCrew

I’m no fashionista, but I truly love some good statement jewelry! Baublebar was my go-to last year (& it can easily be found at Target or online!) but this season I’m really obsessed with these JCrew cluster stone earrings. I don’t have them yet, but they’re definitely on my own Christmas list!!

9. Tee Shirts | Joyfully Rooted

Meet your new comfiest graphic tee! I own at least three or four of these shirts with various sayings and I am downright obsessed. (Unapologetically biased about the fact that the one I pictured is my favorite though!) The girls behind this small company are the SWEETEST friends, best encouragers and kindred-spirit soul sisters you need in your life.

Every time you purchase a product from this site, Leanna + Amanda do a happy dance. Everything they sell is made directly in-house and mailed by them to your doorstep. My favorite part of all: they pray over every single package they send!! So take a look at their website and purchase a few (or ten) things for the people in your life this Christmas!

10. Maneater Mascara | Tarte

I only like mascara with a risque name, it’s official. A few years ago I featured TooFaced “Better Than Sex” mascara on my gift guide… but this year I’m all about “Maneater” by Tarte. Again, I know practically nothing about how to girl, so you probably shouldn’t listen to my makeup advice. But I really do love this stuff!

11. Shampoo & Hair Products | Monat

No one knows this, but I secretly started using Monat hair care products about two months ago. I had seen so much hype about Monat all over social media and had been struggling with hair issues for months, so I decided to try it out for myself.

The verdict: my hair is growing like a weed. My goal is to have long, luxurious locks by the time my best friend gets married in August. I’ll keep you all posted on how Mission: “Turn Hannah into Rapunzel” that goes.

But! If you have ANY interest in trying the products, I’m linking a hair quiz to get you started. This will tell you what products would be best for you! 🙂 And if you’re really wanting to start a hair care routine, you can sign up to be a VIP!

Also if you’re looking for a fun and easy gift, here is a link to the holiday sets! They have everything from skincare, to hair products, to shampoo for your dog. All vegan & cruelty-free!

12. AirPods | Apple

I mentioned I was an Apple brat already, right? Ok good. Here is the truth about these wireless, Bluetooth, Apple headphones: I wasn’t gifted these by anyone. And I didn’t buy them for myself. I stole them, in broad daylight. From my husband.

ANNNND I regret nothing. I used to rag on the AirPods, thinking they were such a dumb idea. But I was very wrong. These headphones are wonderful and I love them endlessly. The little dental-floss-looking-pod that they’re stored in charges them on the go, and when I need to charge that, it hooks right into my phone charger. Meaning I can take my dental floss anywhere and it’s perfect.

I love these. Did I mention that? Ok, because I do.

13. Small Business & Entrepreneur Book | Traction, By Gino Wickman

Hands down the nerdiest thing on my gift guide this year and I feel zero shame about it. If you have a small business owner or entrepreneur in your life, this book is a must-have. I’m still making my way through it because it’s just SO much content, but thanks to Nancy Ray I am nerding out so hard over every page. (If you know her, then you know)

Disclaimer: This book is definitely not for everyone, but it really could be the PERFECT gift for someone who is really into business!

14. Cloud Foam Sandals | Adidas

Remember those Adidas slides we all wore with tube socks in high school? Well, they’re about to make a comeback, y’all. (Only this time, they’re actually comfortable.) These shoes are like walking on a cloud-hence the name- and are perfect for running errands, working in the yard, going for a short walk, etc. And they are so dang comfy…it’s stupid.

ANOTHER amazing recommendation I got months ago from my friends, Leanna + Amanda! (You girls are the MVPs of this year’s gift guide!)

15. Balsam Fir| Village Candle

These babies burn FOREVER. The branding looks like Yankee Candle, which honestly kind of annoys me. (I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t have to trick people into buying your product and loving it because they THINK it’s something else) But regardless- I took a chance on one and I’ve never looked back since.

For real- I’ve been getting myself into the Christmas spirit for two months already while burning this Balsam Fir scented Village Candle. You can score these babies at half-price from TJ Maxx pretty easily, but if you’re feeling lazy I’ve linked the one on Amazon!

16. V-Neck Chiffon Cami Tank Top

This tank is PERFECT underneath cardigans and big sweaters in the fall and winter months, then pairs seamlessly with a skirt or pair of jeans in the warmer months. (It can be dressed up or down!) Personally, I wouldn’t wear it with shorts, as pictured. It’s a bit too long for that.

It comes in a bazillion colors and is available through Amazon Prime. Is there anything better than that? Didn’t think so.

17. Lip Mask | Laneige

It’s so easy to use and you simply apply before going to sleep! This is how I help combat peeling lips that make it next to impossible to wear lipstick. (And if you know me… you know how much I love my lipstick!)

18. SuperStay Matte Ink Lip Color | Maybelline

SPEAKING OF LIPSTICK–I’ve searched the world for another product that compares to this one. I have YET to find anything! This stuff stays on for 12 hours, through eating and drinking and everything in between. And it’s so inexpensive. Like… $6.50 a pop?! Yes, please.

My go-to color is “Seductress” for everyday wear, but I’ve been loving “Ruler” (pictured) for a fun & festive red tone!

Disclaimer: it’s TOUGH to remove at the end of the day, so be prepared with a good lipstick remover. This one by ELF is inexpensive and has great reviews! 🙂 Pair the above Laneige overnight lip mask, with this Maybelline lipstick, and this ELF lipstick remover… and you’re about to be unstoppable.

19. Home Body | Joanna Gaines

This sits on our coffee table and I flip through it when I’m looking for inspiration on home decor or fresh style ideas. My husband read the cover the other day and goes “Home Body? You’re literally already so good at being that, why do you need a book?!” Men….I’m tellin’ yah! I did laugh out loud, though, because he’s not wrong.

Joanna is the queen of alllll things, so naturally, you’ll also find her Magnolia Table Cookbook in my cupboard as well! If you’re buying for someone who loves to spend time in the kitchen, that’s another go-to gift for me!!

20. Alpaca Socks

Forever and always my favorite Christmas gift of all time. Thank you to my brother-in-law Jordan for buying these for me four years ago; my life has been changed for good ever since. You can find these on Amazon or, if you’re lucky, at a local vendor’s kiosk in the mall! I know the Chautauqua Mall has carried them the last few years around Christmas time! They are the warmest hug around my cold, pathetic feet in the winter months. I look forward to breaking these things out every fall!

Well, that’s all for this year, sweet friend! I hope you find something amidst this quick compilation that you (or your loved one) simply CANNOT live without! Wishing you the merriest of all Christmases and the happiest New Year! Try to stop into the blog again soon, would you?!

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