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I'm Hannah B, wedding & portrait photographer based in New York State. I'm a lover of intricate details and story telling- both visually & through writing. Here you will find glimpses of my life as a photographer, wife, mama, dog-lover & Chick fil-A obsessed creative!

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November 27, 2020

The 2020 Hannah Bryerton Christmas Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for the most popular blog post of the year! When I started doing the Christmas gift guide in 2017, I had absolutely NO idea it would be such a hit. Now y’all are sending me DMs asking when the gift guide is gonna drop. hahaha! Have no fear, it’s FINALLY here!!

Disclaimer: my age is surely starting to show in this year’s gift guide. When I started writing these back in 2017, I was a young, vivacious 20-something who suggested clothes and beauty products. Now, I’ve found extreme, irrational joy in kitchen utensils and amazing home products. I will not apologize for such shortcomings; I’ve fought hard to become the housewife I am. (Hahahaha!) If you’re anything like me, you might just stumble upon an item and think, “Wow, you know who would love this? Me.” ….and that’s ok! 😉 I’m all about that #treatyoself lifestyle.

ANOTHER UPDATE FOR 2020: I’ve linked my own personal Amazon storefront that leads to almost ALL of the gifts mentioned within. We’re getting serious this season, people!

If an item is not located on my Amazon storefront, there should be a different link (or description) to where you can find it! Simply click the title of any gift or read my little blurb about each 🙂 Just trying to spread joy and make your holiday shopping THAT much easier this year! Lord knows we need it in 2020!

Pro Tip: BEFORE you start shopping- sign up for Ratuken!

FOR REAL… Do you like free money? Then you need to just take my word for it and do this! I’ve earned over $100 in rebates for my purchases online this year. Simply follow this link, sign up through Facebook or by creating an account, and start shopping! You can even enable a plugin on your browser that reminds you to use Ratuken so you’ll never miss an opportunity to save. (I earned 10% back on our mattress this year; it was incredible!) Ratuken literally sends you a check in the mail with your cash back, just for using their website to shop.

If you hate free money, then skip this step! That’s fine, too.

1. Gold Disc Necklace | Made By Mary

This was officially my favorite gift in 2019, so I KEPT it on this year’s list, too! (That’s how much I love it!) My sweet friend, Jessica Husted, bought me this beauty for my birthday and I still get compliments on it from random strangers because I wear it every.single.day!

These can be customized to fit just about every personality or person on your list. They have endless styles and options!

2. Paul Mitchell Straightener

I’ve been dreaming of an amazing straightener for years now; I’ve just been too Dutch to bite the bullet and buy one. (For those of you who aren’t familiar with this reference: Dutch people are incredibly frugal and, very obviously, that blood runs deep in my veins! Just ask my husband…) It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I walked into my bathroom to see my straightener LITERALLY smoking that I’d realized the day had finally come. I hopped online, ordered my boujee Paul Mitchell straightener, and never looked back.

This one on my storefront comes with a mini straightener as an added bonus! Perfect for travel or throwing into your purse in case of emergencies. That is, if you carry a Mary Poppins bag around like me!

3. Shark Lift-Away TruePet Upright Vacuum

When you’re young, you dream of traveling the world, buying designer purses, and rocking the hell out of a pair of Christian Louboutin heels. Then, you get older and realize all you want in life is a comfy couch, sweet dog, and a really great vacuum cleaner.

I did my research for a while, compiled a list of potential candidates, and then found this one (that had been on my radar) as a lightning deal on Prime Day. I’m sure there are 100’s of incredible vacuums out there made by Shark, Dyson, Hoover or Bissel…. but this is the only one I can speak to. So with that being said: my carpets have never felt so clean and I love it to an embarrassing degree. Do with that what you will.

4. Magnolia Table: Volume 1 & 2

No gift guide would be complete without my girl, Joanna. These cookbooks are perfect for white elephant, your new boyfriend’s mom, or to buy that random female on your list that you have no idea what to get. The recipes vary from super simple to relatively complex, and there is ALWAYS something for everyone.

Not included in these books: a recipe for gingerbread whoopie pies. I’m sharing it with you here as it was featured in Magnolia Journal a few years ago. You’re gonna love it, just try it this holiday season and thank me later!

5. The Pampered Chef Mix N Chop #2583

Taco Tuesday is a weekly occurrence in our home. Ok, I lied… it’s a biweekly occurrence. This tool will change the way you chop groud beef forever. You can also use it to mash a lot of other things, but seriously the Bryertons couldn’t live without this tool in our kitchen!

6. RUNNING GIRL Sports Bra

Y’ALL. THISSSSSSS PIECE OF CLOTHING! I don’t wear LuLulemon sports bras, so I can’t compare its quality with that well-known brand. What I can tell you is that I’m downright obsessed with this Amazon find and I’ve now purchased three. I may never go back to regular bras again.

7. Marble Cheese Slicer

If you hate slicing block cheese, you should definitely get one of these for yourself right this second…. BEFORE the holiday get-togethers begin! Having guests in our home is one of my favorite things, but sometimes the preparation of snacks and dinner can get a little overwhelming. This baby is about to make your hosting dreams come true.

8. Tinted Sunscreen by CeraVe

Sunscreen was never on my radar until I hit my mid-twenties. Now I’m in a desperate battle against time to combat age spots and wrinkles. During the summer months, I hate wearing makeup in general…. but foundation is truly the bane of my existence. CeraVe released this tinted moisturizer with 30 SPF coverage, and I live for it from May-August. It gives my skin a healthy glow and leaves me feeling protected from harmful rays. I have continued using it year-round because… you can never be too safe.

(I promised that my age would be showing by the end of this blog. We aren’t even halfway through and it’s waving its freak flag pretty flamboyantly…)

9. Cross Band, Open-Toe, Plush Slippers

Cozy is practically my middle name. I love sweatpants, leggings, baggy sweatshirts, comfy socks and plush slippers way more than your average homebody and work-from-home entreprenuer. But my biggest complaint about slippers is that my feet get WAYYY too hot.

Meet your new best friend: the open-toed plush slippers that took TikTok by storm at the beginning of quarantine. Consider yourself influenced because these will be your new favorite house attire.

10. The ChomChom

This item is so random but I needed to share it with the world, regardless. If you have a dog or cat that sheds, this thing is about to be your best friend! It takes hair off of furniture so easily, and every now and then, I’ll resort to using it on my clothes, too! Lint rollers probably work a little better on clothes, but when my ChomChom is close by, it’ll do the trick!

Brynn (Rich Black)

11. Thrive Cosmetics Mascara

Woooooo chiiiiiild. You are about to be feeling like Beyonce with these lashes. I always include my favorite mascara on every gift guide, and this is my new favorite of 2020. My bestie girl, MaryKate McAlee, bought me this for my birthday and it’s amazing. I’ve never tried anything else by Thrive, but they’re running some Black Friday sales… so hop on them while you can and order all your besties this stuff!

12. RECTANGLE Wet Brush

Pretty dang biased about this hairbrush. It made its debut in 2017, four gift guides ago, but now, I’ve upgraded to the large RECTANGLE Wet Brush. My hairdresser friend, Brittany Reitz told me it’d be a game-changer for my long hair and she wasn’t lyinnnnnn. Now that I don’t rock a soccer mom cut, the larger, rectangle Wet Brush is even BETTER than the OG one on my long hair!

13. Colorfulkoala & CRZ Yoga Leggings

IF YOU TAKE ANYTHING AWAY FROM THIS GIFT GUIDE FOR YOURSELF, LET IT BE THESE LEGGINGS. I shared two on my storefront and I’ll give you the rundown on both.

Colorfulkoala: excellent compression, pass the see-through test, high waisted, hit me in ALL the right places and best of all– they’ve got friggen pockets. The little pockets that go down the legs fit my cell phone or AirPod case perfectly. So if I’m actually working out/running/walking… they’re amazing.

CRZ Yoga: these are considered a Lululemon dupe with their buttery soft, naked feel. For under $30, you cannot go wrong. I love the length, smoothness, and compression. Seriously, I would live in these leggings if that was socially acceptable.

14. O’Keefe’s Unscented Lip Repair Balm

Great stocking stuffer to buy for your husband or boyfriend and then steal for yourself. 10/10 recommend doing exactly that: Jesse (my husband) loves O’Keefe’s Working Hands balm, so I got him this three pack of chapstick last year. I now possess all of them.

15. Mellanni Bed Sheet Set

High quality, reasonably-priced bed sheets are HARD to come by. I used to swear by simply buying high-thread count at TJ Maxx or Marshalls, and don’t get me wrong, that’s great too! Now that I took a chance on these from Amazon, I’ll never go back. SO FRICKIN SOFT AND COMFY.

16. Harry Potter Blu-Ray Set

I know– who even buys movies anymore? WELLLLL, you still can’t get Harry Potter on Netflix, Hulu, or Prime without paying for it every time. And when you’re a hermit like me, there are just days during those cold winter months that you NEED a good Harry Potter marathon. Amazon always features this complete set as a lightning/Black Friday/Christmas special for around $20-30! Such a steal and still one of my all-time favorite buys when I get in the mood to binge some HP.

SIDE NOTE: If you haven’t read the Harry Potter books, I highly suggest the audiobooks from Audible! I listen to them on long trips or while I’m doing housework and they make time go by so much faster! I know it sounds so nerdy, but I swear you’re gonna love them. Mark my words.

17. Love Language Cards

This one is actually on MY wish list for Christmas this year! But I’ve bought these (or similar conversation starter cards) for several of my friends who have gotten married and they absolutely love them. I truly believe that communication is a lost art, and sometimes finding things to discuss can feel downright impossible. These cards spark conversation and facilitiate deep, meaningful conversation.

18. Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink

I’ve searched the world for another product that compares to this one. I have YET to find anything! This stuff stays on for 12 hours, through eating and drinking and everything in between. And it’s so inexpensive, especially in comparison to the 1000 other lipsticks I’ve tried!

My go-to color is “Seductress” for everyday wear, and I dare say I wear it 90% of the time! I probably own 5 bottles! hahaha! But I’ve been loving “Ruler” (pictured) for a fun & festive red tone! (I wore this in my Instagram story last week and got endless questions about it! So here it is, loves!)

Disclaimer: it’s TOUGH to remove at the end of the day, so be prepared with a good lipstick remover. This one on my Amazon storefront is inexpensive and has great reviews! 🙂

19. The NakedBee Hand & Body Lotion- Neckers Company General Store

With the way 2020 has been, I think it can go without being said that we should all make an effort to shop local as much as possible this holiday season! Of course, I’m doing shameless plug by telling you to stop by my family’s adorable little business: Neckers Company General Store in Clymer, NY. 😉

My sweet mama bought me this lotion last Christmas and I absolutely LOVE it. It’s certified organic and hypoallergenic (which is perfect for my sensitive skin!) Paraben-free, gluten-free. No drying alcohol. Definitely all the good stuff and none of the bad! This would make a perfect stocking stuffer!

20. Charging Station: Apple Watch, AirPods & iPhone

Biiiiiiig time Apple snob over here, so naturally I love this invention to charge all of my accessories and gadgets! If you’re not into Apple products, that’s totally fine! But if you are… this thing is a game-changer for charging everything at once on your nightstand!

21. Love One Crewneck Sweatshirt

If you haven’t heard of Love+ One International, it’s an organization started by Lauren Akins (country star, Thomas Rhett’s wife)! Each item purchased provides life-saving medical care and rehabilitation for critically ill children in Uganda. While they cannot save EVERY child, they can “love one” at a time. It’s a beautiful company, with an incredible message, run by salt of the earth people.

My crew neck is a size small, but just as a disclaimer, they do run a tad big! So if you love cozy, baggy sweatshirts, this one is for you! Otherwise, they have a ton of other adorable merch that goes toward a GREAT cause!

22. Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillows

Another product that’s hard to come by at a decent price: great pillows. I used to spend $80-100 PER pillow on a brand I loved. Then one of my Facebook friends shared about these and I decided to risk it and tried them out. Let me tell you, IT WAS WORTH IT.

The best part? THEY COME IN A SET OF TWO! Two freaking pillows for $20-$25!?!?? WHAT?! It almost sounds too good to be true, but these pillows are amazing. (And I’m PICKY about pillows, guys!) Part of me wanted to keep these a secret in fear that the company would catch on and realize how much they’re undercharging for their product. My best advice: order yourself some before they do! (Also– I think they’re on sale for Black Friday! The last time I checked, they were!)

23. MakeUp Eraser Reusable Cloth

Another great stocking stuffer! I bought this product during a Black Friday sale last year (directly from the retailer website!) as I was feeling guilty about using disposable makeup wipes to remove my makeup every day! This seemed like a great alternative, but I was super skeptical that they’d actually work. Now, I own two and alternate them out (because you do need to wash them every couple of days!) They take off makeup so well, even stubborn mascara or eyeliner! I won’t lie to you, though, when I’m feeling lazy or am behind on laundry, I still break out one of those makeup wipes for ease of use! hahaha!

Gimme Clips Infinity Hair Bands - Black - 12ct - image 1 of 5

24. Gimme Hair Ties

I struggle with headaches from wearing my hair up too much, and during a year with a worldwide pandemic… it’s safe to say I wasn’t wearing my hair down or done very often.

These hair ties are comfortable all day on your wrist or in your hair. I learned about them from an Instagram influencer and have really loved using them so far! You CAN purchase them on Amazon, but I linked them to Target, because they are priced at 1/3 the cost. So in this instance, don’t waste your time buying them from Amazon!

25. Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops

One of my best-kept secrets of 2020! As I stated earlier, I’ve worked REALLY hard to try and use sunscreen as much as possible, especially on my face! The downfall of this: the rest of my body gets suuuuuper tan, especially during the summer months or on vacation, and my face stays the color of printer paper. Not cool, man.

These tanning drops have been my absolute favorite way to keep a healthy glow on my face! You simply add a few drops to your facial moisturizer and apply as normal! Within a few hours, you’ll feel like a bronzed goddess. It has saved me SOO much money on foundation, as well, because I tend to not worry about wearing as much makeup when my face is tan! They come in three different shades: light, medium, and dark! Because I tend to be a little darker complected, I opted for the medium shade. Some people use them for their entire body, but I only ever used them for my face and neck!

Disclaimer: Be careful to mix the moisturizer and drops thoroughly and apply evenly! You’ll end up with color variation (especially on your neck) if you’re not careful. These do have that artificial tanner smell after your color develops, but a shower will take care of that quite easily. Just wash your face extra gently and the color should fade gradually after 3-4 days.

Well, that’s all for this year, sweet friend! I hope you find something amidst this quick compilation that you (or your loved one) simply CANNOT live without! Wishing you the merriest of all Christmases and the happiest New Year! Try to stop into the blog again soon, would you?!

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