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I'm Hannah B, wedding & portrait photographer based in New York State. I'm a lover of intricate details and story telling- both visually & through writing. Here you will find glimpses of my life as a photographer, wife, mama, dog-lover & Chick fil-A obsessed creative!

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February 3, 2021

The 2021 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

For the last four years, I’ve been making a Christmas Gift Guide for my sweet, loyal followers every November. Gift-giving is one of my love languages and I found myself wishing I had added SO many more things to the 2020 gift guide two months ago. So naturally, what’s the only answer?? MAKE A VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT GUIDE.

Because Valentine’s Day really crept up on me… I decided to keep everything on Amazon! (Gotta have that Prime Shipping in order to get gifts here before next week, yanno what I’m saying?)

Simply click any image and it will send you straight to my Amazon storefront! (Seriously, this storefront has been a real game-changer for gift guide blogs; I’m still excited about it!)

#1 Rule for shopping with Hannah B: BEFORE you start ANY kind of online shopping again, sign up for Ratuken!

FOR REAL… Do you like free money? Then you need to just take my word for it and do this! I’ve earned over $200 in rebates for my purchases online in the last year. Simply follow this link, sign up through Facebook or by creating an account, and start shopping! You can even enable a plugin on your browser that reminds you to use Ratuken so you’ll never miss an opportunity to save. (I earned 10% back on our mattress last year; it was incredible!) Ratuken literally sends you a check in the mail with your cash back, just for using their website to shop.

If you hate free money, then skip this step! That’s fine, too.


Aerolatte Milk Frother

When quarantine hit last March, everyone was raving over trying whipped coffee! (This would have been a real gamechanger for anyone stuck making their instant coffee by hand with a whisk!) I truly think these are the coolest gadgets and love that you can create frothed drinks without steam.

Waterproof Picnic & Beach Blanket

Since quaratine seems to be a lifestyle now, I love the idea of buying this adorable beach/picnic blanket and setting up a stay-at-home picnic-style meal right in your living room! I chose this color because it goes great with the Valentine’s day theme, but also because it’s a nice light tone that won’t get hot in the sun! Take this baby on vacation to the beach, or set up in the park over summer. Warm days are on the horizon, friends!

Brumate Slim Can Cooler

I warned you summer was on my mind, right? I’ve been eyeing up a Brumate for months now and absolutely love this design for slim cans. White Claw lovers, where you at? (Again, the pink is super perfect for V-Day… am I right?)

Conversation Cards

What do women love more than talking about feelings? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. These cards contain 150 prompts to help facilitate deep and meaningful conversation.

Weighted Eye Mask

I’ve been suffering from extreme headaches/migraines lately and a heated compress over my eyes always seems to bring relief!

Island Air Soy Candle

Huge fan of soy candles lately & this scent has me dreaming of summer. (Have I mentioned I LOVE warm weather? No? Ok.) I also love the hand lettering & neutral tones of this candle, because it makes it the perfect addition to any home decor & style!

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The gift that keeps on giving: the art of cleaning without the labor doing so! This robot vacuum has amazing reviews and is 1/4 the cost of a Roomba.

Bathtub Pillow

Not everyone loves baths, but this girl surely freaking does. Pair this with the soy candle & weighted eye mask and you’re basically on your way to an in-home spa.

Faux “Bird of Paradise” Palm House Plant

Flowers are soooo last year. You wanna know what women really want? Plants. Because we allllll (deep down) wanna be plant ladies. hahaha! But sadly, if your girlfriend/wife/bestfriend/etc is anything like me… she’s subpar, at best, at keeping real plants alive. This is the perfect solution!

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

I dream of starting my mornings with a fresh, healthy smoothie. In reality, I have no motivation to clean a blender every single day. This solution is perfect for single-serve smoothies, ready to take on the road immediately after blending! Also if you’re not into clean eating and smoothies–hear me out: margaritas and daiquiris. Just sayin’.

Diamond Grey Throw Blanket

You can never go wrong with a throw blanket. Promise. This one is neutral and so stinkin’ cute! My personal favorite is the fringe detail along the edge. So cute!

Memory Foam Slippers

I will never NOT share slippers on a gift guide. Ever. I told you I was on my way to creating an in-home spa with these gifts and I meant it. (Of course I chose these pink ones because they matched the theme way too well. Color coordination is everything!)

Clay and Brass Dangle Earrings

Handmade polymer clay earrings that are equally adorable as they are comfortable? Yes, please. These are made by a small business, so shipping may be a bit slower. Regardless, so so soooo worth it!

Personalized 16k Gold Bar Bracelet

Personalized with their name, your name, children’s initials, etc! I love how dainty and sweet this bracelet is! (Also the sample just so happened to have “Hannah” on it… so it was basically destined for this gift guide!)

Silicone Cooking Utensils

Silicone cooking utensils were one of my FAVORITE wedding gifts when Jesse and I got married! I know, it’s such an odd obsession to have, but I truly LOVE them. This blush pink color immediately caught my eye and I think it’s the cutest touch for V-Day! <3

That’s it for the girls!! NEXT UP– Gifts for the GUYS

Men can be SO hard to shop for. I genuinely have a much easier time shopping for the women in my life, but I did my absolute best to compile a quick list of ideas for anyone who may need some inspiration!

Disclaimer: I’m married to a beard-rocking, outdoor-loving, coffee-drinking, gym rat. So if it seems like all these gifts are something Jesse Bryerton would love, it’s because they totally are.

Wooden Tie Clip

Tie clips are terribly underrated and there is nothing I hate more than seeing a sloppy neck tie. They keep the back of a tie in place and add a fashionable touch that I absolutely love! (Also anything you can personalize or make unique– I’m all about that life)

Blender Bottles

These blender bottles come in a set of two and have a compartment at the bottom to store powder/protein. The best part though: they’re dishwasher safe. Because who the HECK wants to handwash blender bottles? Notttt me.

Fossil Watch

Never met a cognac leather watch band I didn’t like. Just sayin’. My husband is OBSESSED with watches and it’s one of my favorite gifts to give the men in my life!

Beard Kit

If your man can’t grow a beard, please don’t get this gift. He’ll just be really sad. But if he can, you’ll be amazed at how obsessed he becomes with this present. Jesse friggen LOVES beard oil and being all extra with his facial hair.

Beard King

This attaches to the mirror and saves your vanity from being sprinkled with tiny, hard to clean beard trimmings. It’s technically a gift for him, but really, it’s a gift for everyone.

Sonos Speaker

You’ll start with one Sonos speaker, and next thing you know, they’ll be in every room of your house. The sound quality is amazing and you can sync them all or play different genres in every room! They run through WiFi and can be controlled through an app on your phone. I love them because, unlike an Alexa or Google device, they aren’t constantly listening to you. (Honestly, I find those incredibly creepy… so this is a great alternative with way better sound quality)

Yeti Cooler

Summer is just around the corner, remember? (I keep saying that in hopes that it gets here sooner!) If you wanna win serious brownie points this Valentine’s Day… this gift is the ticket.

Charging Station

A charging station for your iPhone, Apple Watch & AirPods. Are we Apple brats in thishouse? For sure. Will we apologize for that? Absolutely not.

Massage Gun

Truthfully, I would get a massage every week if I could afford it. My mother bought one of these massage guns for my dad for Christmas and I am downright obsessed. So really, this is a gift for anyone who deals with sore muscles and loves a good massage. It comes with several attachments and a guide for the purpose of each. These are all the rage right now and it’s 100% warranted if you ask me.

Ember Temperature Controlled Mug

You know that euphoric feeling when you can drink your coffee at the absolute PERFECT temperature? Yeah, Ember Mug allows that to happen every second of the day. No reheating your coffee, or overheating and having to wait for it to cool down. They’re the coolest.

YAY! That’s it for this year’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide! I truly love making these blogs so much, so please feel free to DM me with any future suggestions, reviews, or input!

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