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I'm Hannah B, wedding & portrait photographer based in New York State. I'm a lover of intricate details and story telling- both visually & through writing. Here you will find glimpses of my life as a photographer, wife, mama, dog-lover & Chick fil-A obsessed creative!

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February 11, 2019

Five Ways to Make Your Wedding Day Memorable

“The whole wedding day will be such a blur.”

I heard it 100 times from people while I was planning for our day and feared so deeply that they were going to be right. After attending 50+ weddings, myself, I knew how quickly they could fly by. But was it really true that your own will go even faster?

I’m here to tell you that there is truth in that statement, because after MONTHS of planning, it all truly does go by so fast! But after becoming a bride and living this reality out myself, I discovered there are ways to make those moments last, too!

1. Buy a brand new perfume you have never worn before; every time you wear it afterward, it will remind you of your wedding day. (Bonus points if it matches your color scheme for the detail shots. Shameless #thingsphotographerslove plug here!) Scent is a HUGE trigger for memory, so incorporating a brand new smell that associates specifically with your wedding is a great way to always take you back to that moment!

2. Take time to look around and soak in even the most mundane moments. Standing in front of everyone in the church, eating at your head table, dancing during the first dance. I remember walking down the aisle and into our reception and thinking… how is this even real? How are we possibly loved by this many amazing people?!

So, I’m giving you permission to open your eyes for a few seconds during the prayer and look out at all the people praying for you, loving you, celebrating you, in that moment! It’s truly incredible. 

3. Do a first look or sneak off right after the ceremony away from everyone else. Take advantage of a few moments alone with your soon-to-be husband. Kiss a little extra. It’s so rare on a wedding day to be able to have intimate, secluded moments. The whole day can easily become a lot like the planning process: a to-do list of things to accomplish and check off. That’s not how a wedding day is supposed to be!!! Slow down and make time to soak in special moments.

4. Value your memories. If you want incredible photographs, make time to take them. Work with your photographer to create a timeline that includes the photographs that matter most to YOU and you will cherish forever. Your photographer isn’t there to build a portfolio for themselves (or at least they better not be!!!) They are there to serve you and capture the authenticity of your amazing day! Pinterest will tell you that your wedding album needs to include X, Y & Z in order to be amazing. Guess what? The fact that it’s your day already makes it amazing. Focus on aspects that are unique and special for you two specifically, and capture the heck out of those.

If styled photos and details are your jam (admittedly, like me!!!) make sure your photographer documents all the hard work you put in and creates magazine-worthy images. If candids are what you love most, take time to hug and love your people. This is YOUR day, make it memorable.

5. Choose music that means something!  Music was a HUGE part of my planning process and we were sure to pick songs that really fit all our impactful moments! I’m going to share them below, which is something I’ve never done before! (Who knows, maybe someone needs a little bit of inspiration in planning!)

-I walked down the aisle to a song that was an inside joke between Jesse and I (Jurassic Park Theme Song, y’all!) I know it sounds crazy, but listen to this version; I dare you not to cry! Every time I hear it, the song brings me to tears!

-We walked out of the church to a song by Coldplay that made that moment feel SO joyful. My brother pronounced us husband and wife when the music began and we walked down the steps right when the beat dropped. It was such a happy ending to the best ceremony ever. (Super unbiased over here, obviously!)

-We choreographed our first dance to “Grave” by Thomas Rhett; a song that so many people hadn’t even heard before! The lyrics just totally hit home with us and couldn’t have been more perfect! We had SO much fun learning this dance and whenever we hear it, it makes us want to attempt that crazy dance all over again!

-And lastly, the anniversary dance was to my grandparents’ song: “Through the Years” by Kenny Rogers. They were the last ones on the floor for the anniversary dance, and they had been married 66 (almost 67) years! I knew that moment would be special for them, too. 

As you’ll notice, these things I shared cost little to no money! They are mostly about being intentional on your wedding day! If I can give you any piece of advice, it’s exactly that: be intentional! Soak in those moments because they truly are SO fleeting. If you want to cherish your day in the future, you need to cherish it all while it’s happening, sweet friend!

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