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I'm Hannah B, wedding & portrait photographer based in New York State. I'm a lover of intricate details and story telling- both visually & through writing. Here you will find glimpses of my life as a photographer, wife, mama, dog-lover & Chick fil-A obsessed creative!

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November 28, 2023

WNY Chilly Late Fall Mini Sessions in Small Town Clymer, New York

After an outrageously busy fall portrait and wedding photography season, I was so torn on whether or not I could juggle hosting my final mini sessions of the year. Typically, November’s minis are some of my most-booked sessions and cater to all the sweet families who want to sneak in photos just in time for their holiday cards. It’s not abnormal for me to sell out 12-16 sessions in a matter of minutes, that all take place on one day or weekend. And while I love being able to serve so many amazing families, I just truly did not have this kind of gusto left in me this season.

As a bit of a compromise, I made the decision to limit the number of sessions I booked and only offer them to some of my diehard loyal clients who showed interest in my VIP Facebook Group. (PS- if you aren’t part of that yet, what the HECK are you doing?!?!) haha! I hosted the sessions on a Saturday afternoon in November, right here in my hometown of Clymer, NY! This was my attempt to limit logistics and eliminate factors that cause me stress.

The one thing I can NEVER control no matter how hard I try? Weather. And you better believe the forecast called for 0% chance of rain during our session times. Sure enough, it rained on and off almost the entire time I documented these adorable families. It was cold, rainy, and went- the textbook late fall day here in WNY! But you’d never know it by looking at these images. My families were absolute troopers.

These sessions were the perfect ending to a very, very chaotic year for me; truly the sweetest reminder of why I do what I do. Thank you to all my diehard HBP families that make this career and dream of mine possible. I will never take for granted the front row seat I get to photographing your families and documenting your memories! <3


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